Versatile abilities, agile payload

All-weather UAV
All-weather UAV

All-weather UAV

Public Safety. Rescue missions. Radioelectronic Surveillance.


First in class SIGINT drone with a wide range of capacities

Radio Bird Electronics
Radio Bird Electronics

Radio Bird Electronics

Crucial components for difficult missions: CRPA modules, X-band communication platform etc.

AI-powered IMU will assures RTH even with lost signal or GPS

An accurate determination of a UAV’s current position and spatial orientation are crucial for any successful mission. Under normal circumstances, this task could be performed with an onboard system of precise GPS receivers, altimeters, and digital compasses. These datasets are quite accurate if there is a sufficient number of satellites in the field of view and there are no sources of radio-electronic interference. Radio Bird obtains spatial position using calibrated IMU data with continuous machine learning using reference data from GPS and altimeters. Customised Kalman filter and convolutional neural network are the key components of the data processing algorithms. 

The mixture of different polyamide  compositions allows to achieve lightweight EMI shields

Shielded composites

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can have a significant impact on the functioning of autopilot systems. EMI is a type of interference caused by the emission of electromagnetic energy, such as radio frequency (RF) signals, into the environment. This energy can interfere with the normal functioning of electronic devices and systems, including autopilot systems. The primary effects of EMI on autopilot systems include false readings, incorrect operation of control systems, and loss of control signals. For example, EMI can cause the autopilot sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses, to produce incorrect readings, leading to erroneous control decisions by the autopilot. Additionally, EMI can interfere with the communication between the autopilot and other aircraft systems, such as the flight control system, navigation system, and engine control system, resulting in loss of control signals and incorrect operation. To mitigate the effects of EMI, the company develops different EMI protection solutions, such as shielding composite covers for IMUs and autopilot systems.

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